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Increased Awareness Changes Everything

The ABC Blog - Amazing - Bold- Creative information to support entrepreneurs

Have you noticed that one person with awareness can change the world? Just look at Gandhi’s awareness of how to free his people and country, or Mother Theresa’s awareness of how to empower the impoverished, or Martin Luther King’s awareness of how to free people from prejudice and injustice.

You may ask; “What does awareness have to do with changing the world?”  Everything! When you are connected with the awareness that you as an infinite soul have the potential to not only change everything in your life, but contribute to making the world a better place for everyone; it is your duty to find where your greatest gifts, talents and abilities can serve the world in the highest way.

Many people are stuck doing what they have been told to do or “should do” or “have to do” as opposed to being aware what they would love to be, choose and contribute. This is no way to live!  You are architect of your life and you don’t have to settle for a mediocre life. You can be living your dreams if you are willing to ask new questions and receive new possibilities!

Today ask; “If I let go of the ways I have limited myself, what would I love to be doing?” and “What has to happen for me to consistently make empowering choices?” and “How can I make a bigger difference in the world?” Then map out a plan to start creating an amazing life! For additional support go to: http://www.greatestyearever.com

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Overcoming Complacency

The ABC Blog - Amazing - Bold- Creative information to support entrepreneurs

Are you really playing full out in your life or are you just tolerating things? Complacency is easy to get into, but many times there is a lull before the storm. In other words, by living in your comfort zone it can seem that everything is going well, until you notice that things are starting to fall apart.

If you are living in complacency there are decisions being made that are slowly but surely taking away from who you are as an infinite being and the power you command.  As a result you may wake up one day with a sense of loss or worse. What you lost was your spirit. Every time you make a decision to do what is easy instead of what you are aware of is the right choice, you lose the connection with yourself.

For instance, let’s say you have the value of keeping a clean home, but you become complacent and a year goes by where you find yourself living in clutter. You wonder, “How did I get so overwhelmed and living in clutter?” The answer: This situation has its root cause in your mind. The mind will tell you don’t worry about the clutter you will get to it tomorrow, but if you ask, “What is the highest and best choice for me today?” you will get the answers that will move you continually move you forward in life.

Today make a list of what you are tolerating and then ask; “How can I let go of my disempowering thinking forever?” and “What are the three steps I can take today to free myself from____?” and “Who am I being when I have tireless energy to accomplish what I choose?” Remember, if you don’t like the beliefs, choices and actions you have been taking you can change them in this moment. Also check out http://www.premiercoaching.com and http://www.greatestyearever.com

Also check out: http://www.premeircoaching.com

Stop Procrastinating Now

The ABC Blog - Amazing - Bold- Creative information to support entrepreneurs

Procrastination is a symptom of a soul that is unwilling to value what it has. With this type of thinking and behaviors comes a lack of caring, laziness and chaos. Although you may be very busy doing things, it doesn’t mean that you are doing things that will expand your spirit and grow your success!

If you are putting off doing what needs to be done, you are probably distracting yourself with less important things. Most procrastinators believe that they will get things done tomorrow, but unfortunately without targets to shoot for and a strong commitment to change, tomorrow never comes. There always seems to be something in the way! But who is creating the something in the way? The procrastinator is!

The good news for procrastinators and everyone else is; “You are not your thoughts or behaviors”. You are a powerful spirit that can create change when you put your awareness to the test.  

Today affirm; “I am taking immediate actions to take back control of my life.” and “I am God’s child and I have inherited the power to move the mountains of procrastination out of my life.” Then ask; “How can I be the white tornado of accomplishment that I am?” and “What energies and willing to be which will blow procrastination out of my life?” and “Truth, am I willing to delete, destroy and remove all distractions from my life that stops my success?”

Decide on what targets you will hit today and take immediate actions. I encourage you to do the “worst first” in other words, start with your most challenging targets and then do the easier ones! As you do, life will get better and better!   Let go of procrastination now at http://www.greatestyearever.com

Also check out: http://www.premeircoaching.com